December 16, 2004


My troubles turned out all for the best-they forced me to learn from [God's] textbook.
--Psalm 119:71 (The Message)

It is terribly easy to become so enthralled in our problems that we lose sight of lessons to be learned. I believe that everything happens for a reason, which means I can learn something from everything.

I must admit that the latest "trial" I have been going through has been tough. So much so that I resorted to folding my arms across my chest, sticking out my bottom lip, and pouting over it.

I've been hurt that my husband was called to active duty. While I am proud of him for protecting our rights and country, it is difficult to raise two small children alone while waiting for the day he returns home to us. And I've been kicking and screaming ever since he left.

My little sister slapped me back into reality a couple of days ago. I don't think she realized it (still may not), but she did. She relayed an experience that she's been going through to me. She said she realized that she hadn't been acting like a spoiled child. When she said that, my lightbulb came on.

Even in the midst of troubles, God did promise that He will never leave me. Oh, I may pout and throw a temper tantrum, but He's still right there all along. He didn't promise me that this road would be easy. But He did say that I wouldn't have to travel it alone.

Now that my eyes are opened, I can hardly wait to see what lessons I will learn from God's textbook.