December 13, 2004

You just never know...

Emily stayed at church yesterday afternoon to practice for the children's Christmas play next Sunday night. After returning home, she immediately kicked off her shoes then proceeded to dance around the living room while singing songs from the play.

At first, I wasn't really paying attention. Singing and dancing (dramatically) is quite normal for her every day. Suddenly though, I was yanked to full attention when I heard her sing:

"Something's up down in Bethlehem,
Something's up down in Bethlehem,
What the h*ll is going on?"


When I finally recovered from shock and was able to lift my jaw from the floor, I couldn't stop laughing. Of course, not knowing what she was singing but thinking that she was delightfully funny because I was laughing at her, Emily continued in this little ballad.

Needless to say, we immediately went to one of the ladies in charge as soon as we got to church last night to correct the somewhat misconstrued line. Hopefully she'll be able to remember the correct words next Sunday night!!