December 03, 2004

Weekend getaway and other thoughts

I'm going to go see Robert this weekend! Yay! Actually, I'm leaving today. I'm so excited! I will get an entire weekend with my sweetie pie, minus two kiddies (one of which will be very mad at me if she finds out!). I have earned this break from the children and with my husband. I'm going to live it up to the fullest!!

I have a hero. I just realized this morning. I absolutely adore Shirley Jump. Not only does she write fun books, but she is just as much a down-to-earth person as you and I.

In the few years I've known her, I watched as she became a published author of several books. I was there the second her first book hit the shelf, grabbing it up and announcing to everyone in the store, "I know this lady!" And then for the second and the third....

I have a binder filled to overflowing with valuable information from Shirley on writing. I print out a lot of her emails from Mom Writers because they are filled with such nuggets of gold that I fear I will not remember it all if I don't save it somewhere. This slowly turned into my "Shirley's Writing Advice" book that I keep handy as a reference.

She is an encouragement and inspiration to me. She makes me see and believe that I can do anything I want, if I just keep persisting and never give up. She's my hero! :)