August 29, 2005


Every now and then you stumble upon something, or someone truly amazing. My friend is in the process of writing her memoir. Hers is a powerful, thought-provoking story of a teen mom.

She sends me each chapter as it is written, and I am so enthralled in her story that I am drawn to the computer each hour to see if another chapter awaits. I am amazed at the strength and tenacity of this woman after reading her life's story.

Growing up, I knew many girls who became mothers at a young age. I never understood their position. I couldn't wrap my mind around the idea of being a mother at the ripe age of 14. Angela's story is opening my eyes to all the questions and pre-conceived ideas I had about teenage mothers. I am gaining a greater understanding to this issue.

If you are interested in Angela's story, be sure to visit and bookmark her blog, The Life & Times of Me... I feel confident that she will be publishing in the very near future, and this book is going to be a good one!