August 19, 2005


Scouts OutMy thoughts this morning are with my husband. I have been following this story since it began a couple of weeks ago. It stirs emotions in me, but not feelings of sympathy.

I totally understand people who have the viewpoint that the war is senseless. I agree. BUT...

Our troops are fighting this war, whether we like it or not. They need our support. They need us rallying for them.

When Robert first re-enlisted a few years ago, I was distraught. It caused quite a rift in our relationship. I didn't want him to sign up. Sure, it was only one weekend out of the month. I just hated the idea of him being in the "Army."

Last year when we learned that he would most likely be activated, and then when he was mobilized, a stark realization struck me. The reason why my husband signed his name on a piece of paper. He did it because of his love for our country.

The men and women who serve in armed forces for the United States of America do it because they want to. They are passionate about their jobs.

When I read stories of how our servicemen were spit on and ridiculed during earlier wars, it breaks my heart. Why weren't they supported? They were simply doing their jobs.

I think what some people fail to realize is that my husband is fighting this war so that we don't have to deal with it in our own back yards. Didn't 9-11 teach America anything??

As I stated in my opening, I understand the position of those who oppose the war. But what are you doing to support our troops until they return home??