April 12, 2005

10 Ways to Inspire Yourself

  1. Smile
    • Humor boosts your immune system, is conductive to each healing process and is a great method for reducing stress and relaxing.

  2. Breathe
    • Slow, steady, deep breaths will promote relaxation and is a great stress reducer.

  3. Clean your house
    • While doing your chores, imagine you are cleaning out the negative things in your life, working out your problems, and scrubbing away your frustrations.

  4. Give someone a gift
    • One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is the gift of listening. No interrupting. No interjections. Just listen.

  5. Exhort a friend
    • Know someone who is having a difficult time managing to keep a positive outlook on life? Encourage them! Cheer them on.

  6. Enliven a quiet room
    • Tell a joke. Make a funny face. Throw some life into the atmosphere!

  7. Trust yourself
    • One of the most powerful assets a woman can harness is the ability to trust her own instincts. It allows her to become more aware of herself, as well as others around her.

  8. Move
    • A routine of regular exercise has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress.

  9. Revolutionize Yourself
    • Make radical changes in your eating habits, thought processes or diseasing habits.

  10. Forgive
    • Harboring resentment and grievances toward someone is toxic and consumes your peace of mind. Experience your feelings, then release them. Forgiveness is for you--not the other person.

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