April 04, 2005


"Kindness has converted more sinners than zeal, eloquence or learning."
- Frederick W. Faber

I have a confession to make. In times past, have been a judgemental person. I judged people by their mistakes and failures, all the while, overlooking my own. I looked down on those who didn't measure up to my "standard" of worthiness. What a fool I was!

Over the last several months I have fought sickness, depression, anxiety, worry, fear, etc. Perhaps the lesson God has been trying to teach me through all this is that you can't always control your life and the circumstances therein. Sometimes things just happen and we have to take that and deal with it the best way we can.

I learned one thing in my trek through the "shadows." The kindness of others is the single thing that kept me moving forward, when all I felt like doing was giving up.

See, we can obtain knowledge through books. We can speak with powerful language and fluency. If we do not have forgiveness and kindness in our heart, it is all for naught. Kindness reaches down to help another up. Kindness causes us to be sympathetic and understanding.

"Help me, Jesus, to have a heart filled with kindness. Let me talk with gentle and gracious words. Help me to be sensitive, Jesus, that I can support and be of service to those in need."