March 18, 2004

A bit of this and that...

  I am having major allergy and sinus issues right now. My doctor gave me medicine for it, but it doesn't seem to be helping much. I don't like to bother him, but I may have to ask him to call me in something different to take.
  I have made a decision about my Cup of Hope blog. I am going to close it within a couple of weeks. The main reason is that I think I'm spreading myself too thin. And I'm not sure if many people read it or not anyway. I need to narrow my focus so that I can concentrate what little time I have on the most important things. I will still do my inspirational posts like I do there now, except they will be here now.
  My posts have mostly been "personal stuff" lately. I felt "give out" and "empty" of inspiration for others. I've been concentrating on giving back to myself. I have discovered some new things about myself that I like, and have been refilling my own well, so that I can give once again to you.
  I'm researching markets right now. I have a couple of good leads, and am working on ideas and a query. I'm also working on articles for my website for April, as well as the next issue of Cup of Hope. Half of March has past, and April will be here before you know it!