March 17, 2004

Blog Junkie

  Okay, I'm sure none of you ever do this. But today I am vegging out and blog surfing. I have been off and on the computer sporadically today, but not in long enough periods to do anything constructive. (Oh, wait! That's my excuse not to write today!)
  Eli is still running fever. I'm guessing/hoping it's from yesterday's shots. It's been pretty high--101--today. He doesn't feel good; has a runny/stuffy nose, too. Is this normal when they get shots? I've been through this once, but it's been YEARS, so I don't remember.
  Anyway, because he's fussy and not feeling good, I just hold him and rock him to soothe him while he's awake. I jump back online for a "break" when he naps (which hasn't been very long at one time today).