April 18, 2004


It's funny how I think I can't remember much from my childhood, then something comes along and jogs my memory. This is just a bit of fun for my family. When you guys read this, post a comment and tell me if you remember any of it.


  1. When I won an art contest in high school? (I painted Bart Simpson on a t-shirt.)
  2. When I was obsessed with Gremlins and wanted a little "furball" of my own? (I wrote a letter to Granny telling her I wanted one.)
  3. When I had a crush on G.C. (If you can't figure out the initials email me and I'll remind you! I'm sure you'll remember then!)
  4. When I won an art contest in elementary? (I don't remember what grade---5th maybe?) My prize was a huge art set.
  5. All the writing and spelling contests I entered?
  6. All the high school slumber parties?
  7. When I asked Moma to drive the car less than a mile to Kasey's house, and ended up quite a bit FARTHER from home?
  8. When we used to make "playhouses" out of quilts and blankets on the clothesline in the summertime?
  9. When I walked out of the bathroom at church with my (purple) dress tucked in the top of my underwear?
  10. When Angelique and I sang a "special song" in church and my microphone fell out of the stand onto the floor?

What do you remember?