April 12, 2004


It's raining this morning. Actually, it rained on and off all weekend.

We had a near-catastrophe Saturday. Let me rephrase that. ROBERT had a near-catastrophe. He was cutting grass and stopped to check something under the lawnmower. Without thinking (because if he had been thinking, he would have remembered that the blade free-rotates even after the mower is turned off), he reached under the deck. The blade wacked his middle finger and nearly cut the tip of it off. Then when he finally came home and told me what happened, his face was as white as a sheet, and his eyes were bloodshot. Scared me to death! After arguing with me for several minutes he finally agreed to go to the emergency room.

Of course, as you would know, we don't have insurance! The lady at the desk told him if he walked behind the doors it would automatically be $1,000!! GOOD GRIEF! Are those doors made of gold??!!

He told her to forget it. Then she recognized him as being a First Responder (and EMT). So she went to the back and fetched a package of some kind of sterile strips and told him to doctor himself. LOL Kind of makes you wonder what we need doctors for!

So he came back home (no, he wouldn't let me go with him to the hospital) and I taped and wrapped his finger. So now he's walking around with a 5 inch thick bandage on his middle finger.

Almost finished with my chapter summaries. Getting a new assignment today, so need to finish those up!