April 17, 2004

Starting Over Again

Isn't it amazing how technology consumes our lives, but we don't realize just how much until it disappears?

I'm slowly recovering from my "loss" yesterday. I didn't realize I depended on my computer so much until everything saved on it was deleted. Thankfully because I have a laptop now, all my writing files are safe there! I would have really sat down and cried if I had lost EVERYTHING.

WABIAM Update:
I am nearly 4,000 words into my novel. I am thrilled that I'm making this much progress this quickly. It's amazing what I can do when I set my mind to it. :)

Working for the Weekend
Did you make it through the week in one piece? How did your week go? Did you learn anything new this week? What challenges did you face? Did you meet them head-on, or did you slip between the shadows and hide?

Jeff and Holly have a sweet baby boy. Congratulations! And I hope you have enjoyed your last few months sleeping in when you can, because my friends, those days are probably long gone. :)

I pray you have a strong, healthy baby.
I pray he sleeps all night.
I pray he doesn't cry and isn't fussy.
I pray his milk settles on his stomach well.
I pray that he is pleasant and happy.
May all your days be filled with happiness and joy that I know "Trey" will bring you!