April 01, 2004


For some odd reason I find it easier to brainstorm and come up with ideas for other people than I do for myself. Wonder why? Maybe because I don't feel the "pressure" to create in those moments.

This week in my Morning Pages I allowed myself to dream about my perfect office. I called it my "special room." I went through "my room" and outlined every detail within it. I started with the windows, and covered everything from that to the furniture in it, and and ambience of the room.

It was as if I could actually see every detail, great and large, in my mind. I felt the soft, floral fabric that covered my huge, overstuffed reading chair. I saw the sun shining through the bay window. I touched delicate petals that bloomed from the many pots of flowers lining the sill. Fingers of the flickering sweet pea candles scattered about the room greet my sense of smell.

Numerous shelves line one wall, filled to overflowing with books, varying in shape and size. Beside my reading chair sits a floor lamp and a small end table. Atop the cherry finish sits my laptop, open and on, inviting me to begin my writing for the day.

One corner of my special room houses all other crafts that I enjoy. From sewing, to card-making, this is a special area for all the extra works of my hands. Standing next to this area is an artist's easel and lots of paint supplies.

I could go on and on. I have never had such an invigorating mental experience. To imagine, and dream of things that you desire, and write them down somehow validates them. I recently read an article on Terra's Wish about synchronicity. To know that I have the power over what happens to me (or doesn't happen) is an awesome responsibility. Because once I realize this, no longer can I lay blame on other things or other people. The power is in my hands. If I simply as for what I want, then start working towards it, I can create my own destiny. That is a powerful realization!

What are your hopes and dreams? What is in the innermost of your being that you've covered up and have not allowed to breathe and be? Unearth that dream. Remember it. Write down everything about it that you can think of. How does it make you feel? What do you see, feel, hear? Live in that moment, as if it already is. Dreams give our lives wings. Spread your wings!