April 08, 2004

Random Acts of Journaling

"It is a really beautiful day. And maybe I will awaken pretty soon. I don't want not to work and yet I don't seem to get to it. The method --- it is the method that is so dreadful."
- John Steinbeck, Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden Letters, p. 95

Oh, how I have felt this way soooo many times! Getting started seems to be the biggest issue for me, as a writer. Once I sit down and start, the rest usually comes pretty easy.

Distractions don't have to be found--they lie in wait. Some days they call to me with great volume, begging to be picked up, played with, looked at, touched, spoken to, etc. From something as simple as reading a book, to working with crafts.

Sometimes distractions are a good thing. One important lesson I've learned this year is that it is especially important to "refill your well" each day. For if I continue to pour out of myself without refilling the empty space, it will forever remain empty.

So now I will follow through with "the method." I will write. Not because I have to. I will write because I want to. And that is enough for me.

(Today's entry is based on a writing prompt from Random Acts of Journaling.)