April 27, 2004

Excuse me, have you seen my mind?

I felt bad because I helped spring clean my mother-in-law's house, but I haven't done anything in my own. So I decided this morning that I'd clean a bit, then I'd be able to write during my quiet time after lunch. This is so NOT going to happen.

So far I've cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, but I'm still not finished. I still have yet to scrub the tub and sink in the bathroom (I always save that for last b/c I hate doing it). I went through my little hutch and cleaned it out and organized my canned goods, but I still have to go through my other cabinets. I think I will save that for later, though, b/c they're not that bad.

I also decided while working in the kitchen that I'm going to paint the cabinets. They are a horrible dark brown. My kitchen is so small as it is, that the cabinets swallow it whole. I will probably go with an off-white to brighten things up.