April 09, 2004

My Rebuttal

Yesterday, my pal, Angela, blogged about coffee intoxication. I read her blog with amusement. Not that I think it's funny to be intoxicated by coffee (because everyone who knows me, knows that I am).

I find it amusing that there are so many studies out there proving, re-proving and then proving again. Every new study seems to blast a big "X" over the last.

For instance, I did some googling myself this morning, and found:

Exactly what does all this research and study mean? Summed up in one word........NOTHING. There are so many conflicting researches and studies that:

I could continue posting more links, but it wouldn't matter. With inflamed news reports, and continuing contradictory "scientific findings" I think the best bet is to live healthy and be fit the way that you know how. Decide for yourself. Are your habits hurting you? Do you feel healthy?

After all, somedays we're the rat, and some days we're the wheel!