April 23, 2004


It's still raining! Three days and counting. I love rain. BUT...I have to get out in it after while with both kids by myself! I'm taking them to have pictures made. I hope it slows down at least before we have to leave. We're under a flood watch until this evening, too.

Today is my first day on WW. I did good (mentally) until lunch. That's usually my breaking point. But, I fixed my lunch, and cut an apple into small slices (so it would last longer) and placed it on my plate with the rest of my food. By the time I finished everything, I was so full I didn't even want any cookies. Plus, I just realized as I marked another box off for water, that I only have one more glass of water to go for today's 8 glasses! Wow! I think I'm going to have Robert take a "before" picture of me so I'll have something to show off when all this weight is gone.