January 20, 2006

Book review: Leave It to Claire

Leave It to Claire is the best book I've read in a long time! I could not put down this book until I was finished.

Claire, a divorced, single mom of four, is a successfully published author of Christian romance novels. When the doctor breaks the news to her that she has carpel tunnel and must have surgery on both hands, Claire's world starts unravelling, one kid at a time.

Her mother moves away just before the surgery, leaving Claire to fend for herself (something she hasn't had to do in a while). Her children are distant, and her ex-husband's wife wants to become her best friend. It's all too much for Claire. Sitting at her desk, Claire grabs the closest piece of paper she can find (a Wal-Mart receipt) and creates a list--6 steps to a better life plan.

Claire is an unforgettable character. I related to her attitude and thoughts in many ways (and some in ways I didn't like). I felt as though I were Claire's closest girlfriend, as she related her story to me. I empathized, sympathized, disagreed, disliked, fought for, cheered for, shook my head at, and fell in love with Claire. Her snarky nature is funny and hard to resist. I can't wait for the next Claire book!

Tracey Bateman...YOU ROCK! Thank you for giving us this unforgettable character!