January 07, 2006

Promising future

My first week of the year was excellent--how about yours?

While I didn't work hardly as much as I'd planned, I spent lots of good, quality time with my family. You can't beat that with a stick.

Emily returned to school on Wednesday. Elijah walked around like a lost little puppy dog. He didn't know what to do with himself. Between you and me, I am enjoying the quiet time (no fussing between kids about him being in her room and why he shouldn't be and what he's doing and why can't I get him out?)

Robert decided to return to work on Monday morning. He said he's getting bored just sitting around the house. I can understand. My husband is not one to sit and do nothing. I had my doubts when he originally told me he wanted to go back to work on February 1st. I didn't think he'd sit around here that long doing "nothing." *wink* That's one thing you can say about Robert--he's a hard worker. He won't let his family go without. Nobody can accuse him of being lazy.

Since Rob decided it's back to the grind Monday, I am determined to get back on a work schedule myself. I have lots to do and I am resolute in building a solid foundation for my freelancing. My first week was a good one, but if I work hard each week--each day--I will get this ball rolling much quicker. So this weekend I'm going to set some goals for next week, flesh out an idea or two, and get ready to start marketing on Monday.