January 16, 2006


I had one of my infamous "aha!" moments during church last night. A friend, who serves on the mission field on the island of Tonga, has been home for a couple of weeks and was giving a presentation about her experiences. It was awesome just to hear her speaking, because her burden for the people on the island is so evident. And then it hit me.

Crystal always talked about going on the mission field. We've been friends for many years, and I can remember her talking about it from day one. I think a lot of people didn't believe she ever would (although I'm not really sure why). But when God places a call on your life, nobody can stop it or dispute it.

So as I listened to Crystal speak of revival, and her burden for young people, I was amazed at her strength. As a single woman, she deals with loneliness on many fronts. I am sure it is challenging to live in a foreign land when you have a mate with you. But being alone--well, I can only imagine. Yet, she perserveres, depending on God for strength and support.

The second thing that hit me is that she knew what her calling was, and the desire of her heart, and she never lost sight of that. It took years for her dream to come to fruition, but she never lost sight of it. And now, because of her obedience to God, she is living her dream--and the will of God.

In that moment, as I sat in church seeing this tranformed Crystal talk, I felt empowered. I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. If I trust and believe in Him, nothing shall be impossible, because with Him, all things are possible.