February 17, 2004

Follow Your Dreams

  Last night Robert talked to me about swimming. He said that he'd love to take swimming lessons. He's always wanted to be able to do the dive rescue searches.

"What would you say if I told you I want to look into training to be a rescue diver?" he asked me.

"Go for it!" I replied without a moment's hesitation.


Robert's surprise at my reply caused saddness in my heart. For so long I have not only stifled my own dreams, but now I see that I've been stifling his as well.

"Absolutely!" I told him. "Life is too short not to follow your dreams."

Such a simple concept, and yet it has taken me years to learn and grasp it. For the last few years I've always felt like I had lost my sense of identity. I didn't know who I was. I'd suffocated the real me and tried replacing it with many things; all of which died quickly.

Yet, I never realized that I was not only doing this to myself, but to my husband as well. Our actions, whether intentional or not, always affect more than just ourselves.

  What are your dreams? Do you know? Or have you smothered out the real you inside? Life is a journey that can suddenly end. Live to your fullest each day. Trust in God and allow Him to help you discover the true person deep inside. Follow after your dreams. Nothing is impossible with God!