February 03, 2004

Forward Motion

  Today was the first time I actually cried over watching a television show. Maybe it's just because I'm missing Robert. Nevertheless, today's show was wonderful.

  Now I'm reflecting. Partly because of today's Project Success email from Angela, in which she urges me to reflect on my accomplishments from January. Secondly because of today's episode of Starting Over, in which another House Guest graduated.

  Reflection is essential to moving forward. At least that's what I believe. If you can't see where you have been and how far you've come thus far, how will you know that you're moving in forward motion?

  Accomplishments, whether great or small, all count towards our goals. The things that seem minute are ultimately usually the "boosters" that propel us to success. Without these tiny, inconspicuous moments of aquisition, we could not take the grander steps that lead us to planting our flag on that Mt. Everest peak of prosperity.

January's Successes (external):
(Both great and small)
  • Launched my new website with the help of AGK
  • Created a newsletter, Cup of Hope, which launches in March
  • Published the Special Introductory Issue of Cup of Hope E-zine
  • Wrote lots of articles for my Cup of Hope blog.
  • Began a new WIP, which is moving along at a nice pace!
  • Wrote and submitted an essay to the annual Erma Bombeck contest.
  • Made it into the Collective Wisdom of Momwriters. (This was a much-needed WONDERFUL surprise for me yesterday!)
  • Wrote a synopsis for an inspirational novel idea.
  • Decluttered and revamped my office, and in the process became aware that (A) change is GOOD!; and (B) a clean workspace makes for a free, "uncluttered" mind.

  I think that's the most of what I accomplished. If I think of anything more I'll add it. Now to the second part of my successes for January...

January's Successes (internal):
  • Acknowledged that I have a huge procrastination problem (and am re-establishing good habits)
  • Gained a more positive attitude.
  • Learned that I need to set goals for myself (creates a path on which to walk).
  • Discovered that writing is my passion.
  • Came to the understanding that growth (both internally AND externally) is a process that takes time. It doesn't happen overnight.
  • Ascertained that writing truly makes me feel alive.
  • Perception is everything.

  WOW! Looking at my list now, I see just how much I have accomplished!! I didn't realize there was so much that I did in one month! :)