February 05, 2004

Is it bedtime yet?

  This has been a day full of rush and run. In the midst of it all, it has poured rain all day.

  Eli's doing better. He's still somewhat congested. Took him to the doctor today and he said Eli sounds better. Thank God for that! He has to do some breathing treatments and finish up his meds, but I think by next week he'll be lots better.

  I miss Robert terribly!! He called for the first time last night since he's been gone. I thought about him all day today. I bet they've been wet and miserable! :(

  I am anxiously waiting for bedtime--for the kids that is!! I haven't been able to write anything today. I'm very anxious to work on my WIP again. I also have an assignment due tomorrow that I will work on tonight. I also have some reading that I'd like to do tonight.