February 06, 2004

Have you ever noticed...?

  When you don't do housework one day it snowballs?

  Cleaning house takes ten times longer than it does for it to get messy?

  Messy houses seem to get that way on their own--nobody did it?

  It takes five minutes for a child's room to look like Hurricane Andy hit it, but three days for that same child to get it back in order?

  One dirty cup in a sink turns into a leaning mass of dirty dishes?

  Stay at home moms live at "work", but rarely receive recognition for a job well-done?

  A single tear falling from your child's eye over a boo-boo breaks your heart and makes you feel helpless?

  A child never seems to have anything to say to you until you're involved in an important telephone call?

  Before children you are selfish--after children you are selfless?

  With the birth of a child memory flies out the window?

  Your children get on your nerves, but you wouldn't trade them for a million bucks?

  When you were a child it seemed you'd stay that way forever?

  Now that you have children of your own, you wish they'd stay babies forever?

  Before children bubble baths, hair curlers, and fun nights out were the norm?

  After children you throw yourself a party if you get to brush your teeth every day?

  For all you moms who feel neglected, wore-out, or frustrated...

You're Doing A Great Job!

Keep up the good work!