December 28, 2005

My Baby's Home!

I held Robert in my arms once again on Saturday. I was literally shaking as I ran to and then grabbed him around the neck for a long-awaited hug. Relief flooded my soul, just knowing that he was safe back on U.S. soil again. Now we face Round 2 of deployment--re-entry back into our lives. It will be challenging, but everything's going to be OKAY!

The children and I are nestled into a hotel room right now. Robert had to return to Camp Shelby on Monday to begin his de-mob process, and decided at the last minute that he didn't want to leave us again. So I threw some things into bags and here we are with him. We occupy ourselves during the day, and then Robert returns late afternoon and we enjoy our newfound family time together.

I had an amazing experience yesterday that I will share with you later. Let's just say that when total strangers show their support to your [soldier] husband and to you for the sacrifice your family has made, it's an overwhelming and very heartwarming experience.

I hope you all are having a fabulous holiday with your families. I know I am!