December 18, 2005

On the edge of insanity

It wasn't enough that Emily was sick with a terrible stomach virus, beginning on Thursday night, through Friday. Oh no, that wasn't enough. On Friday night, Elijah woke up coughing and gagging because of sinus draining down his throat.

But that wasn't enough either. Nope.

Last night Elijah caught the virus, so I have been up all night cleaning puke. The second and third time he puked all over me. Normally I have a strong stomach, but the smell of it all over me nearly did me in.

It was an hourly thing, with me and Elijah dozing in between bouts of vomitting. And because he doesn't feel good, in more ways than one, he has done nothing but whine and scream incessantly.

I've had enough, I tell you. Enough.