December 07, 2005

My Reading List

I am a book fanatic. I love to read book. I love to collect books. I love to give books as gifts. I love to receive books as gifts.

Here's my reading list, just from books that are on my desk (this doesn't count all the unread ones hanging out on my bookcase):

  1. Double Vision by Randy Ingermanson

  2. Footsteps by DiAnn Mills

  3. What a Girl Wants by Kristen Billerbeck

  4. Private Justice by Terri Blackstock

  5. Shadow of Doubt by Terri Blackstock

  6. Getting Into Character by Brandilyn Collins

  7. Becoming a Woman of Beauty & Strength by Elizabeth George

  8. Life Principles from the Women of the Bible (Book Two) by various authors

And this, my friends, is only what's sitting on my desk. I have much, more more waiting on the bookcase to be read. And I still want more books. LOL!

What's on your reading list?